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SimBackup - export your contacts with ease!

    Discover the convenience of SimBackup, a free Android application designed to streamline the export of contacts. This user-friendly tool captures a copy of your contacts directly from your phone, processes the data on your device, and conveniently saves it as an Excel file. Now, you can easily print or share your contacts hassle-free! What sets SimBackup apart is its commitment to privacy โ€“ it's free, requires no registration, and ensures your data stays secure by keeping it localized, eliminating any external transfers. Export and share your phone book with SimBackup with a few clicks!

Possible exported list of accounts by SimBackup
โ€จ(accounts are not belonging to the real persons in the screenshot)<
small size iconsmall size
no connection iconworks offline
alphabet iconsimple to use

How to export entire contact list

1. Main screen

On the main screen of application, press the button โ€œPick folderโ€ and select where you want your file to be saved
start screen of simbackup

2. Select folder

After you have selected folder, where you want your file to be saved, you will be granted with option to change the location and to save it to specified location
folder have been selected

3. Finished the job

No more action needed - just open the generated file using supported software and check out your contacts!
file successfully saved